About us

Our Specialization

Abora Ltd. Is a company that is very well respected with existing customers whilst continuing to prove itself to new clients, due to the high standard of work that is produced and the responsibility that goes alongside it. We are able to find solution for both conventional and non-conventional situations and as a result are able to offer master plans in accordance to the expectations and requirements of the client.

To ensure that a project remains on schedule, Abora Ltd. provides a detailed schedule for where work should be at on a particular date.
The important role of Manufacturing and Distribution of materials is sub-contracted out to other corporations, who then deliver in accordance with the requirements set out by Abora Ltd. this then provides early purchases to be made during the construction process.

Thanks to a vast amount of experience, which has be gained not only in Latvia, but also abroad in places such as Russia, Germany and Northern-Europe, we are able to offer innovative technological solutions, which result in an extremely high quality service.

For concreting works we use very recognisable companies within the industry such as DOKA, PERI and HUNEBECK shuttering systems, which provide the highest quality concrete structures based on performance.

During the assessment process of each project, every client is introduces to the variation of work and finance proposals available due to the diverse range of technologies and materials that are available. Since every client has their own individual wishes, we attempt to tailor for these needs of both time and materials.

The main goal of Abora Ltd. is to provide high quality service in each and every project and in turn produce high client satisfaction. Because of this, Abora Ltd. only uses the latest and most innovative technologies available.

For the main stage of the construction process, 150 highly qualified workers are employed; and with their excellent vision, experience and technical approach to projects enables extremely high quality results to be reached during the construction process.

Within the company, every process linked to the project are controlled. This is to ensure that all work is in accordance to all legislations and international ISO standards, in addition only certified and experienced specialists are employed. This is to assure for high quality of work and safety level — which is achieved at Abora Ltd.